Nursing a baby is natural and nurturing. But sometimes families need reassurance and clinical support to overcome challenges.
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Our team of experienced lactation consultants and medical professionals provide you with personalized care that is science-based and realistic for your unique needs.  A few of the issues we see and treat include:
Sore nipples & nipple damage
Tongue-tie & Lip-tie
Slow infant weight gain
Mastitis & plugged ducts
Difficult latch
Low milk supply
Breastfeeding/ Nursing after breast surgery
Transitioning from bottle to breast
Oversupply & engorgement


Tongue-tie, also known as ankyloglossia, occurs when the tissue between the undersurface of the tongue and the floor of the mouth, called the lingual frenulum, interferes with the normal movement of the tongue.Tongue-tie restricts normal range of motion of the tongue and can adversely affect breastfeeding. Tongue-tie is associated with persistent pain with latch, slow or poor infant weight gain, reflux and low milk supply. For more information, including current research on tongue-tie, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics website.
Baby Crying with Tongue Tie
When indicated, a procedure called frenectomy can be done to correct tongue-tie. This is where a cold CO2 laser is used to remove the tie, releasing the restriction and allowing for more range of motion of the tongue. The procedure is done in our office and babies feed immediately afterwards. Parents and caregivers are instructed on how to perform aftercare tongue stretches and families follow up with a lactation consultant. Learn more about laser frenectomy...


Are you experiencing low milk supply without an answer as to why? We specialize in clinical low milk supply and provide testing, counseling and careful evaluation of both you and your baby in order to support and maximize your milk supply while getting to the root of why a full supply has been challenging. 
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An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a trained healthcare provider who specializes in clinical management of breastfeeding. An IBCLC is the gold standard when it comes to lactation training as it means the lactation consultant has completed hundreds and even thousands of hours of hands on training, rigorous clinical and science education and been accepted for and passed the international exam.
There are 28 thousand IBCLCs in 105 countries around the world. To verify your lactation consultant holds current IBCLC status you can check the International IBCLE Registry.


We accept most major insurance including Medicaid plans and Washington Apple Health. Please contact your insurance for specific details on the benefits of your individual plan and for the In-Network status of our clinic and providers. You are responsible to know your insurance coverage and benefits before your scheduled visit. Use of insurance does not guarantee full coverage of services. If your individual plan has a deductible that has not yet been met, copays or coinsurance required for services you will receive a bill for those amounts due.
You are financially responsible for payment of services provided by Pacific Wellness and Lactation. Additionally, if you are seeking lactation or breastfeeding support, insurance for both baby and lactating parent are billed.
If you have a question about how your insurance company will process charges for a service or procedure, please contact your insurance company or review your benefits handbook.