We have dedicated our practice to delivering the highest quality lactation, breastfeeding and postpartum care to our clients and community. This high standard care incorporates the latest technology to better meet your needs. After completing hundreds of tongue and lip tie procedures using other modalities, our team has incorporated laser technique to provide release of infant oral restriction (tongue, lip etc.) in our office. This is called laser frenectomy where a highly focused CO2 laser beam vaporizes, cleanly and precisely, while sealing blood vessels at the same time. 
In the hands of our experienced provider, the CO2 cold laser provides a safe, precise and often bloodless procedure to release the restriction and babies feed immediately after. We provide comfort measures in office to reduce pain and make the experience positive for everyone involved.
In addition to this advanced technique, we incorporate lactation, breastfeeding support and body work (in the form of craniosacral therapy) in every visit. We also provide evaluation and same day procedures as we know that appointments with a new baby can be challenging. We have close follow up with lactation support and infant oral functioning support in the days and weeks following the procedure.
We are In-Network and accept most major medical insurance and all state medicaid and Apple Health plans. The laser frenectomy procedure and the lactation support are billed to your insurance and often there is no, or little cost to you. If your insurance requires pre-approval, please call our office and we would be happy to help facilitate the necessary authorization. To book your evaluation for laser frenectomy call (425) 322-4913 or BOOK ONLINE